Addison Care™– The Virtual Caregiver™ is the Most Ambitious Tech at CES

Dec 16, 2015

In-home health examinations are a thing and they debut at CES 2019!

In January 2019, over 200,000 people from around the world will converge onto the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada for the Consumer Electronics Show. Known as the crème de la crème of technology and new product debuts, CES will host exhibitors covering a wide array of product categories from home electronics, audio, smart TVs, connected home, health and fitness devices, mobile, connected home, robotics, computers, virtual reality, car audio and even smart commodes.

The event boasts extravagant exhibits representing the biggest and most recognized brands in the world including, Amazon, Panasonic, Microsoft, and even superbike manufacturer, Yamaha. This year’s show will run from January 8-11, 2019 at the Sands Convention Center and includes a multitude of other events and exhibits throughout the city.

This year’s show promises to debut some of the most advanced new technologies the world has ever seen, and products designed to transform the world, home, and workplace. One of the most anticipated and ambitious technologies will be Addison Care™ — the Virtual Caregiver by electronic caregiver™, a division of SameDay Security, Inc. Noted as Addison’s first public appearance, CES will host the labor of love which includes millions of dollars in research and development and creative process spanning 7 years.

Addison Care™ is named after its ambient augmented reality virtual caregiver, Addison. She’s a state of the art, 3D animated caregiver designed to engage aging and chronically ill clients throughout the home to supplement their care and to provide various health and safety features. Appearing on 15-inch monitors strategically placed throughout the residence, she carries on two-way conversations, and she is programmed for a user’s personal needs and plans of care.

Addison’s capabilities include 24/7 in-home checkups! Addison monitors your activity, reminds you to take medications and verifies adherence and provides real-time assessments if a client develops evidence of increased risk of falling or health decline. She measures health performance, rewards her users for making progress, collects vitals and conducts in-home examinations. Addison may just be the technological breakthrough our rapidly aging population needs in order to help them stay in the homes they love at a fraction of the cost.

Anthony Dohrmann is the Founder and CEO of SameDay Security and the visionary behind Addison. “The aging population commonly lives with comorbidities (multiple chronic diseases). Approximately 100M Americans are living with a chronic illness; managing diabetes, respiratory disease, heart disease or other illnesses require follow through and accurate scheduling. There is a lot of pressure for patients and families and adherence to treatment regimens are often difficult to manage at home. Patients are often confused about their care instructions and non-adherence with care plans and medications schedules is estimated to cause 50% of all treatment failures.”

“Only 3% of the US population can afford live caregiving,” Dohrmann said. “We are bringing affordable, effective care alternatives to the world through Addison. Working with Home Care Providers and Hospitals across America, we will provide service and product line extensions to serve a market need, while delivering alternatives that individuals and families can afford. Our goal is to cut costs, improve care and extend functional independence.”

Why is Addison Care™ so ambitious? The company says Addison requires a complex array of devices, configured for instant and easy implementation, involving technologies such as Bluetooth, cellular, internet, cloud computing, edge Machine Learning processing, complex visual sensing, clinical interfaces, conversational speech, augmented reality, robust security, and a dynamic user interface. The corporation built Addison on AWS, who it credits with providing incredible solutions and the support needed to make Addison possible.

Addison will be featured in a 60 ft. exhibit at the Sands Convention Center. She’ll demonstrate capabilities for respiratory, heart, diabetic and orthopedic patients. Addison can be seen at CES 2019 Exhibit: Sands Convention Center Halls A-D – 42142

About SameDay Security, Inc.

SameDay Security (SDS) is one of the fastest growing monitored technology providers in the U.S. and one of only a handful of nationwide service providers. Known as the Electronic Caregiver Company (trademark) and founded in 2009, SDS currently provides automated home care solutions and safety devices nationwide to thousands of clients. SDS has developing contracts with hundreds of home care partners across America who will participate in Addison Care marketing to their clients. New clinical trials are scheduled with G60 Trauma of Phoenix, Arizona, involving 500 patients over 3 years to determine the impact on patient outcomes, cost reduction, lower hospitalization, chronic disease management and long-term care. The company occupies 20,000 square feet of space for innovation, customer service, dealer support and accounting, with 4500 square feet of warehousing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The tallest building in the city hosts their sign at the top and the company employs over 70 employees and is currently negotiating for another 6,000 square feet of operational space.