Connected Health is the Future

Jan 23, 2023

Where is Connected Health Heading?

Connected health and technology are becoming more of the commonplace. There is a strong shift to offering virtual care and utilizing the technology available in order to make care better and more accessible.

There are 10 Insights regarding the Connected Health Industry and where the Parks Association sees the industry moving. For instance, here are just a few points for the path Connected Health is heading toward.  

Electronic Caregiver has already projected many of these understandings and is on course to meet the needs in the digital and connected health fields.

According to an article on the future of connected health, “Giving people information in a way they can understand it is high value. People then become engaged and empowered.” Not only is it important to create capable technology, but it is also important to create technology that will be used well. If it is not being used, then technology serves no purpose.

Convenient Technology

“The healthcare market has experienced a series of unprecedented shifts because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth usage in 2022 leveled out at majority adoption among US internet households. Drivers and barriers to telehealth usage have changed, with convenience now again the primary driver for virtual care.”

Electronic Caregiver offers personal health services which can become a daily routine. Taking vitals or medication takes just a few minutes out of your day but will have so many benefits. Addison Care offers a full visual experience with touch and full voice capabilities.

Everything is just a question to Addison or a click-through menu away from providing the user with the information or the answer they need. Built-in tutorials show users how to use the peripheral devices and remind them in the event they need a refresh.

Doctors can intervene earlier, faster, and more accurately to personalize treatment and care at scale, but on an individualized basis. The entire care circle can now be better connected and informed. Basically, that is connected health.

Health Data Collection

“Patients and physicians increasingly use connected health devices for use cases such as monitoring ongoing chronic conditions, diagnosing sleep or heart issues, monitoring recovery for illnesses such as COVID-19, and monitoring patients post-discharge from the hospital. There is also great interest in products that collect health data that I shared with care providers. 57% of heads of US internet households report the ability to share personal health data collected at home with their physician to be ‘appealing,’ and 38% report are more likely to choose a care provider who offers this functionality.”

Connected Care offers services to be able to connect patients with their healthcare providers. Addison Care provides round-the-clock, continuous care management for chronically ill and aging adults. An Addison Care system helps patients manage treatment adherence with medication and vitals monitoring reminders and data collection.

This will not only assist the patient, but also any caregivers or family members that would like to stay aware of what is happening and be notified. Information and results are protected with multi-layered security and verification, which is all HIPAA compliant.

In addition, all the vitals information and medication reminders, whether successfully taken or not, along with the results can be passed on to a physician through a health network or EHR integration.

People enjoy the comfort of their homes and remaining independent and would prefer to stay there. But Addison offers help with early identification and continuous oversight to prevent severe complications, hospitalization, mortalities, and loss of functional independence.

Digital Connected Health

“Virtual-first primary care is the next evolution of the “digital front door,” where health providers use virtual tools and services to triage patients and route them to the level and type of care they need. One in five seniors see the benefits of primary care and chronic disease management being received virtually.”

Addison Care is a Virtual Caregiver that moves beyond just the screen and the app. She incorporates touch and voice through a unique user experience to provide access to numerous benefits.

A care plan can be set up through Addison and the response happens with the device. For instance, any medication reminder would be displayed on Addison’s system and the user would interact with Addison to verify, respond, and confirm.

Through Addison’s console or even some remote devices, you can initiate hands-free phone calls to your care circle, friends, or family. You can use touch or voice to connect with customer service, our integrated TeleCare Center, or summons 24/7 emergency response. There’s even a 24/7 virtual primary care that can connect users with a remote doctor on-call who can get a prescription called in. This is all done virtually and from the comfort of home.

Connected Care is the Solution

According to Healthcare IT News, “We’re on the cusp of a healthcare transformation that will deliver new levels of patient-centric care.”

Electronic Caregiver offers solutions, many through the Virtual Caregiver – Addison – regarding the future of digital health. Not to mention, we have many packages to cover and manage treatment adherence with medication and vitals monitoring reminders and data collection.

Addison Care is caregiver support, patient support, provider support, continuous care management, optimized data assessment, and coordination. Visit our website or give us a call to get a system today!