The Dangers of Gravity

Jul 6, 2020

falls in the elderly

We begin our lives as infants who fall when learning to walk. As children, we fall on the playground. In adulthood, we may fall at home or at work. And we fall as we get older. We are at risk when cleaning, decorating, or rearranging. When we rise from sleep, bend down to sit, step in the shower, or are walking around an open dishwasher door, gravity is everywhere!

The Weight of Gravity

Among different age groups, gravity can weigh more heavily. In fact, falls in elderly often cause unforeseen issues. Gravity pulls us down and applies itself to our bodies when we lay down, are standing, walking, traversing stairs and stoops, entering and exiting the car, when bathing, dressing, or cooking, it’s everywhere, all the time. Instead of allowing our limited mobility to decrease our daily activity, we must learn to maneuver with newfound solutions and prevention methods.

“Nearly 3 million older adults in the United States fall each year with serious, sometimes life-changing, consequences – even death,” according to Phillip De Leon, associate dean of research for the College of Engineering and professor of electrical and computer engineering at New Mexico State University. Electronic Caregiver partnered with De Leon and recently graduated doctoral student Matthew Martinez to collect data over a five-year period from nearly 700 subjects ranging between 40-85 years of age.

De Leon and Martinez are analyzing detailed biomechanical data to configure software that may assist in the prediction of falls. Although technology to predict falls is still evolving, Electronic Caregiver’s technology already provides assistance 24/7, 365 days a year.

No Matter the Weather

All year round, weather can make gravity even more dangerous than it already is. We can slip on wet concrete or tile, ice, grease, or residue runoff. If we fall, it can alter our daily living experience forever. Falling is a part of life but it doesn’t have to end your life or take your independence. Evidence-Based Falls Prevention Programs, proper footwear, and increased attention can help. But gravity is often more persistent than our focus. Everyone will have a fall, and likely more than one. You might rise after the first, but perhaps not after the second.

“If the person is at risk of falling, they could take preventative measures,” De Leon said, “There are a lot of researchers trying to identify the patterns that predict the risk of falling so that measures can be taken to prevent a fall, such as using a cane or a walker or taking physical therapy.” Even so, having a system like Electronic Caregiver to assist you through these transitions is the best way to be proactive.

Falls In Elderly Are Dangerous – No Matter What

The #1 reason for admission to a trauma center for people age 60 and over is a fall. In reality, falling happens to people of all ages. According to the National Council on Aging, every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. Falls in elderly are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. The average length of time an active individual lies in wait for help without an Electronic Caregiver is 18 hours. That is too long! Why have pain and suffering, and the consequences of delayed treatment? Often times, elderly patients already have medical issues that need attention. Injuries from falls can compound the effects of multiple adverse health situations.

Security & Independence With Electronic Caregiver

Electronic Caregiver is there to assist during life’s most prevalent concerns for the elderly. It is your life preserver and security for your independence. Keep your wrist pendant on. Use it if you fall when no one is around to provide the proper care. Push the button and thrive with immediate support and assistance. The GPS locator within your device allows our team to track your exact location when we contact emergency services. Our EMT operators will stay on the line during emergencies to reassure and advise until a responder is there to take over.

Electronic Caregiver also features customized activity detection, which can be incredibly useful for falls in elderly. In the event that you do not respond to verify wellness, we will automatically know something is wrong and can alert the proper emergency response.

falls in elderlySmart for Your Health. Smart for Your Wallet.

Now that you know that Electronic Caregiver is always there to assist, imagine the independence you will gain and the relief you will feel to know that you are not alone. Whether it is with assistance on daily medication or appointment reminders, communication and monitoring through our Family Care App, or on-demand physician services through pocketMD, Electronic Caregiver has you covered!

According to the website Paying For Senior Care, in 2017 the average cost of home senior care ranged anywhere from $17,000 to over $80,000 annually. For a fraction of that cost, you can independently and proactively manage and monitor your health with our Pro Health System. Our system provides you with a selection of tools to help manage and monitor your vitals 24/7.

Pro Health

With our Pro Health System, you receive the wrist pendant including pocketMD. You also receive the Pro Health Console along with your choice of three of our specialty devices: glucometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximetry, non-contact thermometer, or a weight scale. Our Pro Health System keeps tabs on your vitals, access physician on-demand services, and link you to emergency response services.

The Proactive Solution

Electronic Caregiver is the best solution to being proactive about your health. Decrease delayed treatment and avoid compounding adverse medical situations. We are at the forefront of technology to better monitor and predict what is needed to age with health and independence. All of our services help you enjoy your best years in the best way possible. We want you to sleep without worry. Never miss a doctor’s appointment. Remember all your medications. Go to your grandkid’s soccer game. And by all means, stay for the entire birthday party.