Electronic Caregiver and AlphaOne Partner to Provide Quality Services to Seniors

May 15, 2020

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Electronic Caregiver Inc has teamed up with AlphaOne Ambulance Medical Services Inc. in Sacramento, CA. The partnership provides peace of mind and protection for seniors. Sacramento resident Dot Boyd, an independent partner of Electronic Caregiver, offers the company’s technology to those living in the Greater Sacramento Area. Electronic Caregiver’s products include telehealth and remote patient monitoring. These services have become vital tools in slowing the spread and impact of COVID-19.

The partnership between Electronic Caregiver and AlphaOne gives ECG clients in Sacramento County the option to connect with AlphaOne as their preferred EMS. They can reach AlphaOne at the touch of a button via Electronic Caregiver’s technology. AlphaOne specializes in senior care and is trusted by many Sacramento County seniors as their go-to service.

“Electronic Caregiver’s products protect the older adult population and activate paramedics in medical emergencies,” said AlphaOne Business Development Manager Mike Ryder. “Our partnership will allow them to activate paramedics trained in geriatric Emergency Medical Sciences (GEMS), providing a level of care our older adults prefer.”

A High Focus on Customer Service

With a high focus on customer service, AlphaOne offers several features that appeal to seniors. For example, the company provides assessments at no charge. This can be a huge value to older adults who often live on a fixed income. The company also specializes in dementia care and works with many of the county’s memory care communities.

“Taking the time needed to properly evaluate our residents with advanced needs is a great tool in providing specialized care,” Ryder said. “Oftentimes older adults prefer not to have all the unnecessary apparatus show up in a medical emergency. They trust our staff to treat them with dignity and respect while providing the care they need. Consequently, we are often the preferred provider to many of the assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing communities in our area.”

Now, Electronic Caregiver clients in Sacramento County can have the added benefit of AlphaOne when they subscribe to the Premier, a mobile security and care support system, or the Pro Health, a chronic care and remote patient monitoring system. Clients who need urgent medical care can push the emergency button on either of these devices to connect directly with AlphaOne. Consequently, this saves them valuable time in looking for their phone or dialing a number manually.

Independent Living

dot boyd of electronic caregiver and staff from alphaone ambulance service

“In the independent living communities where people may not have a personal emergency response system (PERS), every individual is on their own,” Boyd said. “And so, for them to know that when they push their button, AlphaOne gets dispatched gives them a lot of peace of mind.” These types of scenarios are exactly where the Electronic Caregiver and AlphaOne partnership make so much sense.

Along with 24/7 emergency response, the Premier includes care plan reminders, activity monitoring, geolocation, and pocketMD telemedicine. PocketMD provides clients with remote access to not only a licensed physician, but also to psychologists, pharmacists, and dentists. There is also access to dietitians, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, and more.

Electronic Caregiver client Joann Charamuga lives in an independent living community in Sacramento. She enrolled in the Electronic Caregiver and AlphaOne program via her Premier subscription. She now also enjoys the sense of security and reduced costs of using AlphaOne as her primary emergency response service.

Electronic Caregiver’s Pro Health System

For those with chronic conditions or who need remote patient monitoring services, Electronic Caregiver’s Pro Health is ideal. The smart health hub is easy to set up in the home. It pairs with several Bluetooth devices, including a glucometer, and spirometer. It also pairs with a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, weight scale, and non-contact thermometer. Both the pulse oximeter and thermometer have been identified by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) as tools patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 can use to monitor their condition. Also, these devices can help guide patients on important medical decisions. In addition, the Pro Health includes 24/7 emergency response, medication reminders, and pocketMD.

“Right now, because of the COVID-19 scare, people are ignoring serious or chronic health issues because of their fear of picking up the virus at their doctor’s office or the hospital,” Boyd said. “Sadly, the reports are in that they’re waiting until it’s too late and too many are dying from non-COVID-19 illnesses as a result.”

“With the push of a button, any time of the day or night, my clients can consult with a doctor, and avoid sitting in a waiting room with other sick patients who may have virus symptoms,” she said. “I wish we had this when I was my mom’s primary caregiver because we could have avoided trips to the emergency department when there were no other options on a Friday night or over the weekend.” Electronic Caregiver receives great reviews about its pocketMD telehealth system.

About AlphaOne

The mission of AlphaOne Ambulance Medical Services Inc. is to provide outstanding emergency medical services and patient transportation services. AlphaOne has been in operation since June of 2011. The company started in the Sacramento area with only a few ambulances and a small dedicated crew. Today, AlphaOne has multiple ambulances that service the entire Sacramento area. The company provides emergency services to many of Sacramento’s seniors, inter-facility transports, and in-service training to our facility clientele. AlphaOne’s specialties are customer service and senior care.

Along with seniors, Electronic Caregiver’s technology can benefit patients of all ages.

For information about Electronic Caregiver and services offered in the Greater Sacramento County Area, contact Dot Boyd. You can reach her at 916-799-1660 or dot@dotforseniorsafety.com.