Liv-Connected Partners with Electronic Caregiver to Provide Remote Patient Monitoring as Part of Health Hub

Jun 27, 2023

Partnership expands the off-site homebuilder’s wellness capabilities

New York, NY (June 2023) – Liv-Connected was established with a goal of improving lives while delivering affordability, sustainability, and good design. Part of the modular builder’s focus on wellness is the Health Hub, which provides homeowners with access to digital health devices and other market-tested health tools that optimize care at home. The Health Hub continues to expand its capabilities through a recent partnership with Electronic Caregiver.  

“Our goal with the Health Hub is to enhance a homeowner’s knowledge base on what’s available so they can make informed, essential decisions with their healthcare provider,” says Herb Rogove, DO, FACP, FATA, a telemedicine health expert and cofounder/CEO of Liv-Connected. “We are excited to announce our partnership with Electronic Caregiver to help homeowners receive care in the comfort and privacy of their homes.”  

Electronic Caregiver offers a remote patient monitoring (RPM) system that allows healthcare providers to maintain oversight over a patient at home utilizing digital health tools designed to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygenation, weight, medication reminders, and more. 

“This technology means that someone who is in the hospital and has undergone surgery can now be discharged home sooner than what has occurred in the past because physicians and nurses can track their progression at home,” stresses Dr. Rogove. “Some healthcare systems have seen a one-day reduction in the total hospitalization duration and, more importantly, a decline in complications because of this use of technology at home. This also translates into a decrease in hospital readmission rates.” 

A fellow in the American College of Physicians, the American College of Critical Care Medicine, and the College of the American Telemedicine Association, Dr. Rogove has spent decades researching how preventive and active healthcare can occur at home among all age groups. As a result of Dr. Rogove’s research, he joined with architects Jordon Rogove and Wayne Norbeck of DXA Studio and fellow architect Joe Wheeler, Virginia Tech professor and leader of the globally recognized FutureHAUS concept, to create Liv-Connected.  

“Liv-Connected and Electronic Caregiver share a unified goal focused entirely around the homeowner’s well-being,” said Jacob Ortiz, assistant director of care partner operations for Electronic Caregiver. “By incorporating Electronic Caregiver’s health technology into their homes, owners will have security, privacy, peace of mind, independence, and convenient care for preventative and urgent medical needs.” 

Liv-Connected homeowners can add Electronic Caregiver as part of a healthcare tech package at the time of the build along with a variety of options for secure, private, and convenient care for preventative and urgent medical needs. 

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Liv-Connected partners with Electronic Caregiver

About Liv-Connected

Liv-Connected was founded in 2019 by a team of experienced architects and healthcare providers. By bringing unique voices to the conversation around traditional home construction, Liv-Connected has created methods and processes that put homeowners’ well-being first. This includes a unique focus on incorporating health-related tech into homes, providing owners with secure, private and convenient care for preventative and urgent medical needs.  

About Electronic Caregiver

Founded in 2009, Electronic Caregiver is a privately held digital health technology and services company headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Electronic Caregiver’s mission is to design and deliver innovative, impactful telehealth products and services that bridge the chasm between the doctor’s office and patient’s home to improve outcomes, expand access, and optimize resource allocation. Electronic Caregiver has been qualified as a technology solution provider in the AWS Partner Network (APN). The company’s solutions are available to individual customers, as well as through health care organizations, physician practices, care management firms, homecare agencies, and senior housing providers to deliver hospital-at-home, chronic care management, and remote patient monitoring programs. Please visit for more information. 


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