Remote Patient Monitoring with Addison Connect

May 21, 2021

During the pandemic, we saw remote patient monitoring and care needs rise dramatically. More and more individuals are not only becoming more comfortable with telehealth visits and using vitals monitoring products at home—they expect it. They want to be able to manage their own care from the comfort of home, in a way that works for them.

Healthcare is experiencing a big shift right now. Consumers want real-time information, instant answers, and a way to easily connect to a medical provider. The global digital healthcare market is poised to grow to an over 500 billion-dollar industry by 2025 as more patients find a need for post-acute (ongoing) care at home.

For both patients and caregivers, remote patient monitoring can improve patient outcomes. Electronic Caregiver’s Addison Connected Care™ is a remote patient monitoring system that delivers the results in utilization, patient satisfaction, better outcomes, and the improved adherence providers want. And, it’s easy for patients and their caregivers to use.

Remote Patient Monitoring - Addison Connected Care

What Can Remote Patient Monitoring Do for Physicians?

Time and money are the things everyone wants to save. Instead of figuring out how to coordinate multiple telehealth and telemonitoring services, physicians who use Addison Connected Care have a customized solution for their patients. Not only that, but it uses best-in-class technology and services. Our connected care system allows providers to spend more time and resources on patient care and core business operations. This is while maximizing revenue for their practice, at a scalable rate.

Our connected care system offers:

  • An advanced clinical dashboard
  • Billing, technical, and accounting support
  • Customizable clinical support
  • Scalable infrastructure development
  • Coordinated communication between staff, patient, and family members
  • Compliance support
  • Emergency response, telehealth, telemonitoring, and electronic medical record integration (optional add-on services)

Benefits of Remote Patient Care for Patients

Fifty percent of treatment failure is due to non-adherence by the patient. With a connected care system, patients are more easily able to keep up with their treatment plans. Why? Because our smart health technology is personalized. We monitor specific data points and foster engagement. Through medication reminders, check-ins, and providing ease of use, patients experience greater independence and peace of mind as they pursue their health goals.

Additionally, family care coordination ensures that everyone in the care circle is up to date and informed. All parties can then spend more time on what matters most to them.

How Remote Patient Monitoring Works

Caring for patients is more than just simply dropping technology into their homes. We built our connected care program on extensive research. We studied the right processes are for caregivers. Next, we determined the features patients need most for support. When both work together, the result is improved adherence to treatment plans and improved patient outcomes.

By receiving real-time data from patient monitoring, health providers bring patients in more quickly to adapt their treatment plans. This saves time and lives. It also cuts down on unnecessary visits.

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