3G Network Sunset Transition to 4G Devices

Mar 25, 2022

To make sure people are in touch and better and more connected, phone carriers are phasing out the 3G Network and letting it head off into the sunset. Many devices use this technology, including cell phones and personal emergency response systems, and many people are still using devices that are running on this network.

Looking to the Future

In the coming weeks and months, what does the future hold? Companies are switching to new technology to be able to stream and connect more data and information together across the networks. There are many benefits of newer networks – better upkeep, stronger signals, and faster processing speeds. What does this mean for you as a general customer of technology? Basically, if you want to continue the service you have with those products, an update will need to be made.

Find out for yourself

Find out what items you may still have that might be operating on the 3G networks. See about what it would take to get those updated or changed out. Contact the service provider to see what their plan is for the new rollout.

Not going without service

In the case of medical alert devices, you never know when an emergency will take place, or you need to call out for help. Whether it is a slip in the shower, on an icy driveway, or over a rug in the living room, falling down, for example, is one of the most common, serious, and costly accidents.

“I never thought I’d be the one to fall, but then I fell twice in 3 months,” said Sasha O’Neal, an Electronic Caregiver customer.  “I totally believe in Electronic Caregiver because I’ve used it and know it works.”

Falling is just one of many accidents that could happen.

Know What You Are Getting

As the sunset is taking place, has your service provider reached out to you? Have they given you updates as to what is happening? If you have not heard anything, reach out to one of our Representatives to walk through some next steps. Protection and safety are keys to your health, so do not delay.  Electronic Caregiver has been proactive in finding the customers’ devices who are on the 3G network. Replacement devices have been sent out. The goal is to get them updated to newer technology so they can continue to be connected and protected.