To fight coronavirus, Electronic Caregiver uses its own technology to keep employees safe

Mar 11, 2020

LAS CRUCES, N.M., March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the outbreak of COVID-19, known as the coronavirus, Electronic Caregiver®, a 24/7 virtual care and health technology company, will begin using its own products to monitor the health of all its workers before they head to the office.

Employees who opt in on the initiative will receive the company’s Pro Health system, a chronic care and remote patient monitoring system, to install in their homes at no cost.  

The Electronic Caregiver Pro Health offers 24/7 emergency response, monitored health and medication reminders and the ability to record health vitals with Bluetooth biometric devices.
The Electronic Caregiver Pro Health offers 24/7 emergency response, monitored health and medication reminders and the ability to record health vitals with Bluetooth biometric devices.

“We’re in a critical and important position serving public health interests,” said Electronic Caregiver® founder and CEO Anthony Dohrmann. “Because thousands of patients and high-risk individuals depend on our solutions and services, we’ve got to make sure we’ve optimized internal safety and health protocols to ensure our staff is healthy and present, and able to serve. We are not a business that can accept disruptions to our care network.”

The Pro Health will issue a daily morning reminder to use a connected non-contact body temperature device to check on employee health. If a reading is designated as out of normal range, then a custom, interactive assessment is conducted through the Smart Health Hub to survey for additional symptoms. Free apps are provided to loved ones the company refers to as care circles, so alerts and updates can be shared with family and even providers through a clinical portal.

With many health providers experiencing increased traffic from recent and severe influenza outbreaks, and now the coronavirus, the Pro Health delivers a convenient feature. At the touch of one button an employee can connect with a physician-on-demand service remotely, called pocketMD. The employee can get a rapid in-home consultation and, in many cases, a prescription can be called in, all from the comfort and privacy of home.

The Pro Health is a product and service offered by Electronic Caregiver® to help clients manage one or more chronic illnesses. In addition to the non-contact body temperature device, the Pro Health can also be paired with several other Bluetooth devices, including a glucometer, spirometer, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximetry and weight scale. Clients can choose to have their vital results sent to their physician to help monitor their condition.   

“This process gives us the ability to monitor for risk, slow and even stop the spread of infectious disease,” said Tim Washburn, Chief Clinical Officer of Electronic Caregiver®. “We deploy a method of early identification and continuous monitoring which is paramount in situations like the coronavirus. It also leads to early intervention which can reduce complications and mortalities. We also have the ability to include additional monitoring devices for employees with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, or diabetes. We can help them manage their disease more successfully, coordinate the care continuum, and make disease management easier for all involved.”

Chronic diseases are a costly and complex situation to manage effectively. According to numerous medical journals and studies, non-adherence with a prescribed treatment plan is responsible for 50 percent of all treatment failures. Electronic Caregiver® solutions can dramatically improve adherence and outcomes with the most user-friendly interfaces available.

“A lot of innovators in the market are trying to solve health challenges with apps on mobile phones and tablets,” said Joseph Baffoe, President of Electronic Caregiver®. “Health management is a big task requiring a lot of coordination. For years the industry has been saying effective, affordable care needs to happen outside the doctor’s four walls and in the home. We’ve answered that call with breakthrough user interface and solutions that deliver.”

About Electronic Caregiver

Electronic Caregiver® has become a leading and highly recognized brand for virtual care solutions and Remote Patient Monitoring services. The company staff size more than doubled in 2019 and is nearing 150 full-time employees. Electronic Caregiver® has invested more than $55 million and 10 years into research, development and a staged rollout of virtual care and health management solutions for chronic care patients, child patients and older adults.

Electronic Caregiver® offers its solutions through a network of leading national home care providers and health institutions and team members. Addison Care™ is the company’s most advanced new technology, offering a Virtual Caregiver™ that deploys technology using IoT, 3D animation, mixed reality, Bluetooth, natural language processing, machine learning, visual sensing and a suite of integrated electronics. The company manages its business using an advanced proprietary enterprise management platform designed by the company and named Orion.

Electronic Caregiver® and Addison Care™ are now involved in numerous official clinical research initiatives in clinical settings to further validate utilization and efficacy in areas of improved outcomes, improved treatment adherence and optimized continuum of care.

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